Blackwell Consulting Allianz (BCA) Investments Limited is a consulting company with a focus on providing world-class service to international and local businesses with interest in Zambia and Southern Africa. We are a full-service consultancy that builds strategies and solutions from a global perspective adapted to local relevance. Our zest, experience and strong local insight coupled with our global outlook on business makes us your go-to business consulting firm.


We have the right acumen, drive and savvy to apply different innovative solutions specially developed to assist businesses achieve set objectives at any level. Our success is based on our ability to integrate seamlessly with our clients and partners. This enables us to deliver excellent and first-class service and solutions every time.


Our Ethos is simple, “innovation adapted to our local business environment!”

Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

We aim to be a leading and preferred local consulting firm in Africa by 2021; providing business linkages for international and local businesses looking to explore opportunities, launch new ventures, and grow existing businesses or ideas.

Our Mission:

We exist to assist businesses and individuals…

  • explore opportunities,
  • launch new ventures,
  • and grow existing businesses or ideas

…through collaborative, well thought out cost effective solutions and strategies.

Team Skills
Blackwell Consulting Allianz (BCA) comprises a team with varying skills and expertise in our key focus areas namely;

  1. Agricultural & Environmental Specialists,
  2. Business & ICT Specialists,
  3. Research & Translation Specialists.


We believe in thoughtful planning and strategic implementation. Call us for help on getting the most from your agricultural venture or hire us for a specific training of interest.Read more


With our deep local insight and global perspective, we adopt and adapt the best global business practices, innovative strategies and solutions to address local challenges.Read more


The starting point for any business undertaking is knowledge. A key source of know-how is grounded in great research. Call on us for research and translation services tailored to meet your needs.Read more

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